Follow the path to more closings

Don’t let credit issues detour your applicants’ dreams of homeownership. Lending Hand, an exclusive score consulting service of Credit Plus and its highest-tier scoring tool program, can give applicants the highest probability of a successful rescore. Whether you’re targeting an increase of 5 or 105 points, or a specific product, lender or rate tier, our experienced credit experts go beyond the typical automated scoring tools to provide customized solutions that work.

Lending Hand can boost your bottom line as you help applicants qualify for mortgage loans. This innovative program is exactly the support you need to close more loans and get your customers into the homes they want. Lending Hand Provides:

  • In-depth analysis of each credit file
  • Evaluation of how various financial decisions may impact the score and timeline
  • Time saving, personalized action plans 

Note: Through Lending Hand, Credit Plus experts work exclusively with loan officers and do not have direct contact with loan applicants. The loan officers communicate plans to applicants.

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