Tax Return Verification (TRV) Reports

Detects Potential Mortgage Fraud by Verifying Borrower's Income

Overstating income is one of the leading causes of mortgage fraud. Tax Return Verification (TRV) reports from Credit Plus put an end to it as we quickly authenticate applicants.

TRV Reports help prevent mortgage fraud by verifying a borrower’s income with the Internal Revenue Service. Our reports are easy to read and are an inexpensive way to retrieve tax transcripts.

Now Accepting E-Signatures

Our experienced team at Credit Plus knows how to navigate the IRS system and turn around reports quickly. You must provide a signed authorization, which can now be signed electronically, to obtain a copy of an applicant’s tax return.

Slam the door on mortgage fraud with TRV Reports!

Leverage the power of technology to help detect and prevent mortgage fraud. Tax Return Verification Reports from Credit Plus, Inc. provide the information you need to assure lenders that original IRS data has not been manipulated. Our Tax Return Verification system verifies a borrower’s income with what’s on file at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Simply complete and upload the form provided in your LOS and MCL or click here to Download a Request for Tax Return Transcript. Be sure all information (including home address and Social Security number) is correct and legible to avoid rejection by the IRS.

Credit Plus has recently added interfaces with CalyxPoint and Encompass so you can now order TRV Reports directly from them. Batch processing is available.

Fully Electronic for Faster Reports

Credit Plus is one of the first companies in the industry to offer fully electronic order and delivery of any Tax Return Verification service. This simplified system enables customers to get the information they need quickly. 

“We have been utilizing Credit Plus’ Tax Return Verifications to help identify non-disclosed items such as self-employment and unreimbursed business expenses. For over a year, we’ve been pulling Tax Return Verifications for 100 percent of our loans for fraud control and verification.”

Senior Vice President of Operations for GMFS, LLC, a large regional lender headquartered in Baton Rouge, La.

Many investors require that a Tax Return Verification be pulled on every loan. DO YOURS?

Contact us to request a product demo or pricing information on TRV Reports from your Regional Account Executive.

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